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Raising the achievement of All

Visual Art - KS3

Is Ambitious

  • Providing a rich Visual Arts education for all.
  • Empowering students with the knowledge to appreciate, understand and contribute to culture

Is Contextualised and Inclusive

  • Building confidence, self-esteem and a deeper understanding of self and of others.
  • Connecting students to their own world and cultural history.
  • Opening up new ways of seeing, thinking, doing and being.
  • Celebrating inclusivity and cultural diversity.
  • Enabling students to think creatively and imaginatively in all aspects of life.

Is Well Sequenced

  • Built around key concepts that help learners make sense of the creative world.
  • Regularly revisiting core theoretical concepts, historical contexts and creative skills.
  • Developing mastery of core Visual Art curriculum knowledge over time.

Curriculum Map