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Visual Art - KS3

Subject: Visual Art




In year 7 and year 8, students gain a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding through our four Visual Art Subjects.  You will work on projects in Art & Design, Film, Graphic Communication and Textiles subjects help to prepare you for study at GCSE.


The Art & Design course has a strong focus on experimentation and creative thinking. You will investigate the work of a range of Artists, designers and craftspeople, explore exciting creative techniques, develop your drawing skills and learn to work on projects independently.


Key Stage 3 Overview

Year 7


The year is divided into 4 projects for each of the Visual Arts Subject areas:


Art & Design – Ocean Worlds

Artists and storytellers have always been fascinated by creatures from the deep sea. Using mixed media, students create an underwater environment looking out from a shipwreck into an ocean world.


Film - Flip Book Animation

A brief look into the moving image and stop motion animation


Graphic communication - Letterforms

Students will produce work informed by research into Illuminated lettering and decorated manuscripts, taking inspiration from the natural wold. Students will gain experience of research, composition, drawing and application of detail.


Textiles - Mandala project

Influenced by Indian mandala patterns and culture. Students to produce drawings and ideas using paint, felt pens and coloured pencil looking at repeat patterns and the work of fashion designer Manish Arora for inspiration. The students will produce a fabric print based on their studies. 


Year 8


The year is divided into 4 projects for each of the Visual Arts Subject areas:


Art & Design

Humans are preparing to make the unimaginable journey to ‘the red planet’ Mars. Using mixed media students will create an outer space scene showing an interpretation of the view from mars.


Film - Storyboarding and Film posters

An introduction to the film process of PRE-PRODUCTION. The visual planning in comic book form.


Graphic communication – Logo Design

Logo design is a fundamental feature of Graphic Communication. Students will gain experience of redeveloping an existing design to suit a new range of factors provided through a design brief. They will explore ideas around brand identity and key visual concepts such as layout, typography, colour and function.


Textiles- Animal project

Influenced by wild animals and African patterns. Students to produce drawings of wild animals using felt pens and producing drawings of African patterns and being influenced by the artist Chris Ofili. The students will produce a fabric based on their studies. 

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