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Visual Art - Film

Subject: GCSE Fine Art - Film




This is a practical course with the focus being on film making. This GCSE Fine Art is run purely using the medium of the moving image – film. This course will equip students with the skills of the 3 stages of Film production.


1. PRE-PRODUCTION – Concept and ideas, story synopsis, storyboards.

2. PRODUCTION – Filming – camera equipment (camcorders/tripod).

3. POST PRODUCTION – Editing – software, sound, music, effects.


Over the course of 3 years, Students will watch a number of film texts with the aim of learning the language of film – its codes and conventions. This knowledge will then be used to guide and inspire their own productions. Working in groups of approximately 4, students will be given a starting point for each project and working as a team they will complete PRE-PRODUCTION and PRODUCTION. POST PRODUCTION will be done individually – each student will produce their own final edit of the film.


The Film course will help you learn the skills needed to work collaboratively in a group. To become an imaginative and creative thinker and communicate effectively through the medium of film.

Key Stage 4 Overview

Exam Board


Qualification type



Component 1: Portfolio - 60%

Students will submit a Portfolio of their best film work made throughout Years 9, 10 and 11. This will include a ‘sustained project’ – a film on a larger scale in terms of storyline and length.

In the first year of the course, you will learn the language of film and develop skills in filming and editing. In years 10 and 11 you will produce larger and more complex productions building on the skills learnt in Year 9.


Component 2 – Externally Set Assignment – 40%

Choosing from a range of themes, you and your film group will plan, storyboard and film an idea. The 10 hour controlled assessment will be the individual editing of the footage.


Year 9





·         Introduction to Film – film language, equipment and software

·         The Meeting – Simple production of two people meeting and having a conversation.

·         Issues – First full production piece of coursework looking at the Drama genre. A film investigating the issues teenagers face e.g. bullying and peer pressure

·         Issues (cont)

·         Fable - A film investigating the moral aspects of film “A lesson to be learned in a narrative” Groups are asked to re-interpret an Aesop Fable into a modern day story.

·         Fable (cont)

·         If Only - A film looking at super powers, fantasy/science fiction/action. Story structure and origin stories within this genre.


Year 10







If only (cont)



A look into Films that inspire action and promote change e.g. Child Protection, Online safety, Road Safety

Music Video

A look at music videos and the concept of illustrating narrative without dialogue.



Year 11







Trial Exam

Coursework - refining and presentation for submission


Preparation period for externally set assignment

Externally set assignment (Final Exam)

Final submission of coursework



Useful websites/resources

For information on films and directors

International Movie Data Base -   

Wikipedia -

For film trailers – YouTube  - 

Recommended revision guide

Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know

Book by Jeremy Vineyard

AQA Art and Design Specification and assessment information