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Raising the achievement of All

Values and Vision



At Icknield High School everything we do is underpinned by our overriding philosophy of ‘raising the achievement of all’. We believe that every student, regardless of background, should be afforded the same opportunities to be successful and that nothing should hold a child back from pursuing their talents and passions. We have consistently high expectations of our students and encourage excellence in all aspects of school life.




Our vision is supported by a set of core values - known as ‘Icknield CARES’ - which permeate through every aspect of the school’s culture. These are:

  • Celebration
  • Aspiration
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Support




The guiding principles outlined in our vision and values help ensure that Icknield is a vibrant and supportive place for our students to learn.

The Icknield CARES mantra is exemplified in our work to foster collaborative approaches at all levels - not only between students and staff but also with parents, governors, and the local community. We aim to ensure that parents are fully engaged with their child’s progress throughout their school career and liaise closely with the wider community in Luton to ensure that the school plays its part in local life.

We recognise and value the diverse nature of our student body, and are fully committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all students to grow and develop. We promote equality and actively tackle bullying and harassment so students can feel safe in our school. All staff provide individualised support to students while promoting positive behaviour through the school’s ‘respect’ agenda.

Icknield's expansive curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular activities combine to ensure that students can develop a wide range of interests and ambitions. Our highly motivated staff encourage students to be ambitious in their learning and adopt a positive, ‘can-do’ approach to new challenges and opportunities.

Within this supportive context we are unapologetic in demanding high standards of work and conduct from our students. By supporting them to develop their curiosity, independence and resilience we believe we really can raise the achievement of all our students.