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Student Voice

Our main purpose is to ENHANCE the quality of life at Icknield High School from a student perspective. Students are given the chance to make a difference through being able to join a range of different teams and initiatives.


Our vision is to provide an inclusive student voice that provides the opportunity for anyone to get involved and help students develop key skills such as confidence, cooperation, communication and decision making. 

We want students to be part of a community where their voice is heard and they can help our school be one that they are proud to be part of.


There are 8 teams you can be part of:

  • Sport
  • Charity Work
  • Current Affairs
  • Eco-Team
  • Community Links
  • Literacy
  • Staffing
  • Peer Mentoring


In the past 12 months student voice has been part of some fantastic projects and programmes.

Here is just a few:-



The sport team raised over £1000 for this year’s sport relief through organising a sponsored bounce for a whole school day.

Peer mentoring


Every year the senior students in the school support year 7s through the transition of moving into secondary school from Primary school. They also support year 8’s through pared reading and homework clubs.

Talent Show


Every year the student voice team organises a Talent on the last day of the Christmas term for the whole school to watch. It is a fantastic opportunity for the school to celebrate the great talent that  Icknield students have.




The student voice Charity team is brilliant at planning and running events to raise money for a variety of charities. The Macmillan coffee morning was their most recent on, where £600 was raised for the great cause.


We currently have 2 year 11 senior prefects who are head of Student Voice. Here is what they have to say about Student Voice…