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Student Voice

Student Voice aims to enhance the quality of life at Icknield High School from a student Perspective. Students are given the chance to make a difference through being able to join a range of different teams and initiatives. Our vision is to provide an inclusive student voice that provides the opportunity for anyone to get involved and help students develop key skills such as confidence, cooperation, communication and decision making. We want students to be part of a community where their voice is heard and Student Voice provides the perfect platform for this to happen.


The Charity team is one of the most popular teams in student voice that prides itself in raising money to go towards those who are less fortunate. The students select a charity that helps a group of people that are either going through a crisis, needs financial support or is going through extreme poverty. The students have previously planned, advertised and run many charity events to raise lots of money. These events usually take place during or after school.

Last year the students raised money for a local children’s charity. They sold Candy Canes to all the year groups and the money raised was donated to the charity. They have also raised money for the local Hospice and Sports Relief.

Eco Team

Eco-team is a student voice team which works on making the environment better. The students are on a mission at the moment to reduce the amount of plastic and paper being used in the school. The students of the Eco Team have worked really hard throughout their lunch times to collect litter on the school field. The students are keen to develop this further and start of litter pick in the community. The students have also been working on their gardening skills and have been developing the Icknield Garden.


Icknield High School prides itself on the CARES values in and around school. One of our school mottos is that ‘Icknield Cares’, it is even included in the names of all 50 of our tutor groups. The CARES club launched in 2019. It is an opportunity for students to have a student mentor within school. This means that the student can discuss any worries or concerns to their mentor.  All student mentors have had specific training by our SISPO team and everything is kept strictly confidential. School life can be stressful at times for students and we want to ensure that everyone is supported throughout.


The Staffing team is a prestigious part of the student voice as the students are individually selected to be part of the team. The students are part of the interview process of new staff applying to work at Icknield High School.  

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring team are a group of dedicated students who visit year 7 and year 8 tutor groups during registration period. The peer mentors pair up with a student from that tutor group and read together. This will not only increase the reading age, but gives the peer mentors a sense of responsibility.


The Sports Team are made up of students across the whole school. They are responsible for reporting our sports fixtures and raising the profile of PE in school. They have organised a variety of events for charity, this included a dodgeball tournament and a bounce-a-thon all for sports relief. The Student Voice Sports Team is going to be very busy next year as they are going to be organising our annual Sports Ball.