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Raising the achievement of All


Our aim is that all students will be inspired to develop a life-long love of Music by:

  • Becoming fluent in Music performance, composition and listening and appraising, through varied and frequent practice, so that they are able to apply and recall knowledge rapidly.
  • Being able to acquire powerful knowledge through a well-sequenced curriculum that builds on prior knowledge, is contextualised and inclusive.
  • Engaging with an ambitious Music Curriculum with increasing sophistication and opportunities to develop self-confidence, creativity and imagination. 
  • We recognise that Music is of a cumulative nature, and the repeated revisiting of topics leads to a deeper understanding of the underlying principles.  This enables students to apply these principles across a range of subjects and contexts and requires perseverance and resilience.
  • Modelled on the National Music Curriculum, students will develop practical performance skills using their voices and a range of instruments, develop creative and imaginative skills in composition and develop understanding and vocabulary for listening and appraising skills.  Music will provide opportunities for self-expression and a sense of personal enjoyment and achievement.

Key Stage 3 

Key Stage 4