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Raising the achievement of All

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At Icknield High School we invest in ‘Raising the Achievement of All’.

Staff work hard with our feeder schools through our robust Transition Process to identify the abilities and talents of all students but pay particular attention to identifying the high achieving, gifted and talented students of the incoming year group as early as possible.

Our staff then seek continually to identify these and other ‘Most Able’ students in all curriculum areas throughout their time with us.

Once identified students are placed on the Most Able register which is reviewed annually and their progress is monitored closely.

Icknield High School offers many opportunities for our Most Able students to be challenged both within the classroom in all subject areas and through extra curricular activities and events.

If you require further information please contact;

Mrs S. Farrar, SLT link to the Most Able
Mrs J Rankin, Co-ordinator for the Most Able