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Most Able - Music


The aim of the Music Department is to develop every pupil into independent learners with a Growth Mindset, aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and willing to accept challenging tasks.  All pupils have the right to follow a curriculum and receive teaching that is appropriate to their music ability and their needs.

The aim of our Most Able Policy is:

  • To identify, challenge and support Most Able pupils within the Music curriculum.
  • To encourage the expression of talent and empower pupils to recognise the benefits and challenges of being a talented performer.
  • To develop the personal qualities of each Most Able pupil, giving additional challenges which will help them towards a Growth Mindset and encourage them to strive harder to meet their full potential.
  • To provide guidance on the responsibilities and roles of teaching staff regarding the support of the most able learners.
  • Encourage the use of differentiated provision in the classroom through curriculum enrichment and extension


Most Able Pupils are defined and identified by their Music teacher when they meet the following criteria:

  • High standards of practical music performance in class and/or extra-curricular activities (for example achieving A1* in music assessments on a consistent basis)
  • Creative ideas in music lessons for composition and performance
  • High test scores and quality written/notation work
  • Know and understand a diverse range of music
  • Speak and write in full sentences
  • Include keywords and subject-specific vocabulary (tier 3 words)
  • Feedback from instrumental teachers will also be taken into consideration.

Most Able students in music should take advantage of the following activities and resources in order to develop their potential:

Music Lessons with their class will give them opportunities to complete extension or stretch activities so they can further develop musical abilities and have the scope to be creative.

Extra- Curricular Music Clubs such as the Icknield High School Orchestra, Supergroup Singers, School Choir and Percussion Group. These groups perform in our annual Christmas and Summer Concerts along with our GCSE students, performing solos and ensemble pieces to a very high standard across a diverse range of genres. 

Individual or Group Lessons in the following instruments: piano, voice, violin, drum-kit.  In addition to this, we have 5 Music Studios which students can access at break-time, lunch-time and afterschool to practice their performance skills.

The Luton Music Service also provides students with extra-curricular music clubs, most of which take place at Ashcroft School.  Visit for more details.  Most Able students can also attend their concerts for free.

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