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Most Able - MFL

The MFL department has systems in place to recognise achievement and excellence. Our most able students are likely to :

  • Be able to grasp grammatical concepts easily
  • Be able to transfer their acquired knowledge to other topics
  • Be able to manipulate the language by creating new structures in an imaginative way
  • Enjoy speaking the language
  • Show interest in the cultural aspects of the language
  • Be curious and ask further questions
  • Be willing to take risks with their use of language
  • Imitate to a high degree of accuracy the sounds of the foreign language
  • Perceive patterns quickly
  • Expand their vocabulary independently


The MFL department provides opportunities for the Most Able students to extend their language skills both within the classroom as well as outside. This includes:

  • European Sustainability Project
  • Links with various universities
  • Visits to German and French Institutes in London
  • Visits to Luton Sixth Form College
  • Work experience abroad
  • Access to foreign language reading materials in all MFL classrooms
  • Support to achieve qualifications in languages not being studied in school
  • Access to DVDs of important films from the German, French and Spanish-speaking worlds
  • Use of authentic materials in lessons including television, film and audio clips
  • Competitions
  • Using differentiated resources focusing on cultural aspects of French, Spanish or German way of life to stimulate students at beginning/end of lessons
  • MFL classroom Task Wall with extension activities


Useful links:


Parents can support their children by encouraging them to immerse themselves deeper into a Foreign Language culture via organisations such as Alliance Française (French), the Goethe-Institut (German) and Instituto Cervantes (Spanish).