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Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition teaches both the theory and practical skills which help prepare students for adulthood. It enables students to have a lifelong understanding of healthy eating and foster a positive relationship with food. It will help give them ownership of their health in relation to food, diet and an understanding of good nutrition.  It provides students with the skills to feed themselves and their families in an economical and healthy manner.


Our aim is for students to acquire lifelong skills that will be beneficial to them and others by:

  • Developing an understanding of how food and health factors play an important role in everyone’s life
  • Developing an awareness of the factors that influence diets and the impact of these diets
  • Understanding the factors that affect food choices and how a multi-cultural Britain determines food choices
  • Develop an understanding of their role in society as food consumers or producers

The subject develops a range of skills such as time management, independence, creativity, fine motor skills as well as teamwork, which not only are vital for all learning but could also lead to potential employment opportunities, as the Hospitality and Catering industry is the largest employment sector in the UK.

  • This will be achieved through studying a well-sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum with projects that allow students to make links to prior learning through interleaving and further progressing their skills. Opportunities to discover new knowledge will be created e.g. through designing, making and evaluating.
  • The contextualized/inclusive and challenging curriculum, will allow students to be able to draw upon background knowledge from home and the media and the powerful knowledge gained in the classroom
  • We aim to enable students to be ambitious and to be able to develop and progress within 5 key concepts of disciplinary knowledge; Nutrition and Diet, Science of Food, Where Food Comes From, Factors affecting Food Choice and Food Preparation and Cooking.

We foster a love of learning and high aspiration, in an environment of positive support, students are inquisitive in their responses and are actively encouraged to reach their full potential.


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