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 Excellence Awards




Icknield Excellence Awards are a way to keep year 6 students engaged in their learning during the Summer holidays which fall between Primary School and High School.


There are 4 levels of Award:-



Awarded to students who submit 6 curriculum challenges including Maths, English/Literacy, Science, Art and Languages


Awarded to students who submit 5 curriculum challenges including Maths, English/Literacy, Science and Art


Awarded to students who submit 4 curriculum challenges including Maths and English/Literacy

INDIVIDUAL CURRICULUM AWARDS Awarded to students who submit outstanding individual challenges.

Challenges can be completed by hand or on computer – remember to include your name and the subject the challenge is for.

The work must be kept safe as it will be submitted to subject teachers between 9 th -13 th September.

The Awards Assembly will be held at the end of the first half term




Create an A4 poster on Fractions. It can be as creative and colourful as you like but MUST show everything you know about fractions.




Write a book review on one of the following books :-

Easy Readers

Intermediate Readers

Advanced Readers

Guidance on what to put in your review can be found here.




Research a scientist of your choice. Your challenge is to produce an A4 poster about the scientist, their discoveries and the impact of that discovery on the world.




You can use whatever materials you may have at home to create a drawing based on one the following ideas:-

  • The view from your window adding as much detail as possible.
  • A picture of yourself and colour it in. Focus on what makes you individual.
  • A range of objects, that you have arranged together, that are important to you.
  • A view of a favourite space in your home.
  • A scene from a book you have recently read.
  • Create a drawing of anything connected to nature.

Have a look at the information on BBC Bitesize Art and Design to help support you.




Complete three of the following tasks:-

1. Find out the names of three well-known car manufacturers from a German, French or Spanish speaking country. List them.

2. Make a list of four German, French or Spanish words that have more than ten letters and their meaning.

3. Take a look at the top 200 songs in the UK Spotify charts. Are there any songs that are sung in German, French or Spanish? List them.

4. Find out the names of ten well-known sports players who are from German, French or Spanish -speaking countries.

5. Find out how many countries have German, French or Spanish as their official language. List them.

6. List four well-known buildings or monuments that can be found in German, French or Spanish -speaking countries.


Computer Science


Research a computer scientist of your choice. Your challenge is to produce an A4 poster about the scientist, their discoveries and the impact of that discovery on the world.


Design Technology


Research into the impact of plastics on our environment. Design a new product which reuses water bottles/plastic products to help save the environment. Please present your work on A4 paper.


Ethics & Philosophy


To visit and research places of worship and make information sheets about the ones you visit. For example take a piece of A3 sheet and fold it into six sections and write on there with a drawing as well!

Tell us what they look like, what you can expect to find in each building and how people worship there.

  • Christianity – Church
  • Islam – Mosque
  • Hinduism – Temple/Mandir
  • Buddhism – Temple
  • Judaism – Synagogue
  • Sikhism – Gurdwara


You can also visit non-religious places as well! (Please make sure you put your name on your work so we know who the wonderful work belongs too!)


Food Technology


Create a poster on health eating. The poster should include information and pictures of all of the following:-

  • Explanation of the term ‘healthy eating’;
  • a Definition of a ‘balanced diet’;
  • Foods that are considered to be healthy and foods that are not healthy; Consequences of unhealthy eating (health conditions caused by unhealthy eating);
  • Government recommendations /advice to healthy eating.




Pick a country you do not know much about and create a poster with information on the human and physical features of the country. You could include information about:

  • The climate and the landscape;
  • The plants and animals that the country is famous for;
  • A map and a picture of the flag;
  • The people and culture;
  • Famous places to visit;
  • The economy;
  • Any notable achievements.




Your task is to investigate which was the most important invention ever created by humans and create a model of that invention. Some examples include: the Wheel, Steam Trains, the Sewing Machine, the Pyramids, Cars, Aeroplane, Stonehenge, Mobile Phones, the Printing Press, etc. You should include with your model an explanation of how it works, why it was invented and why the invention was so important.




Produce a piece of non-fiction writing on a topic of your choice, for example space or science, a place or natural feature, famous people, sports players or teams, an animal or anything that interests you. You should include: a picture of your chosen topic, a did you know fact, a rhetorical question and data and statistics.




Try any or all of the following tasks :-

TASK 1:  Learn to play the song ‘Ode to Joy’ by Ludwig van Beethoven.  The music is provided with all the letters labelled for you.  You can play it on any instrument you have access to.  If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet you can download a free piano app, such as Virtuoso. There is also a YouTube recording to show you exactly which fingers to use for each note (using the right hand (RH) C = 1/thumb, D = 2, E = 3, F = 4, G = 5/pinky).  Try your best to play this accurately and on the beat.

TASK 2: Learn to play the left hands notes with your left hand thumb on C and fourth finger on G.

TASK 3: EXTRA CHALLENGE – Learn to play ‘Ode to Joy’ hands together, slowly but accurately.

There are two ways you can submit your performance:

  1. Make a short video recording of just your hands playing on your keyboard or smartphone or tablet (no faces please). Make sure you announce your name at the beginning. Email it to
  2. Play live for Mrs Brooks during the week of 9th -13th September during lunchtime in the music rooms.




Complete one of the following tasks:-

  • My Sporting Role Model: Who are they? Where are they from/what is their background? What do they do? What are their achievements? Why do you consider them a great role model? - This can be completed in any format;
  • Distance challenge: Across the holidays, log any walks, runs or cycles and track the amount of distance you have covered. We would also love to see some times for your fastest 1,2 and 5k runs.




Design a postcard which could inform other students on 5 Top Tips for improving their wellbeing. This could include images as well as your 5 suggestions and can be completed by hand or using IT.