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Ethics and Philosophy

Our aim is that students will develop a love and appreciation of Ethics by:

Enthusing students to engage in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and diverse worldviews address, so that they can develop and understand the skills needed to appreciate varied responses to these questions as well as develop responses of their own and grow in their own worldview.

This will be achieved through studying a well-sequenced, knowledge-rich Curriculum by selection, not restriction of content, that students can recall through varied and frequent practice, using strategies such as: quizzing, multiple choice, speed mind-mapping in the classroom through whole class ‘choral’ recall.

Powerful knowledge will be recalled to enable our students to discuss with rigour, at an academic level the plethora of worldwide beliefs, ideas and opinions that they themselves may fervently disagree to but that the contextualised and challenging curriculum, will allow students to be able to draw upon the powerful knowledge gained in the classroom and be able to offer a personal rhetoric that would demonstrate ‘logical chains of reasoning’ that are both considered and compassionate which are pertinent to the subject.

The ambitious Ethics and Philosophy curriculum will provide the access and confidence our students must acquire to enable them to join the on-going debates of life beyond the classroom as they move through their teenage years into adult life. Our students deserve to enjoy their learning and truly believe they have something to offer to the next generation.


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