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Design Technology

In Design & Technology, our vision is to create a curriculum where all students are able to become independent thinkers who develop the ability to solve real and relevant problems.  Creativity and imagination are fundamental aspects which give students the ability to develop their understanding of an increasing technological world. We promote a love for the subject to ensure that when students progress, they fully understand the need to create a better world we live in and beyond school life.

Students are encouraged to acquire a broad range of powerful and knowledge-rich information to develop their understanding of the subject and the impact on daily life and the wider world. Making strong links between the practical and theoretical elements ensures that students deepen their core knowledge. This includes material sources, environmental issues, design processes, manufacturing techniques and evaluation of outcomes and designers work. In Design & Technology, we strive to ensure that students gain a knowledge base that is:


  • Well-sequenced: The projects allow students to make links to prior learning through interleaving and further progressing their skills, confidence and understanding of technical knowledge. Students build on their theory knowledge by first learning about timber, then  polymers and finally metals. Each material theory is built around students creating a final outcome.
  • Contextualised/inclusive: All students solve problems which are relevant and diverse. Year 7 tackle the problem of disorganization at home. Year 8 focus on sustainability and the environment through recycling and reusing bottles to reduce our carbon footprint. Year 9 tackle the issue of unhealthy eating through the introduction of CAD/CAM.
  • Ambitious: The projects which students undertake are challenging which ensures that students are proud and successful in what they produce and take home. Students use a wide range of workshop tools, equipment and machines which challenges and stretches their independent making skills.

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