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Cat Weatherill Visit To Icknield High School 11th December

Cat is a master of the art of story telling to both adults and children.  She is highly engaging and our Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed hearing her retell an African story in an assembly.

During the day Cat also worked with several groups of Year 7 students to help them gain confidence with their own storytelling; it was an exciting workshop with some thrills and screams included.

"I really loved the author, I want to read her horror story when it comes out.' (Year 7 student)

"She was really good, she made me scared!" (Year 7 student)

"What an enjoyable experience, I loved her, really engaging." (Icknield staff)

Interview with Cat Weatherill by Icknield student Z Walker

One of our students is an aspiring writer and was granted an interview with the author.  She thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the author and Cat certainly enjoyed sharing her experiences with our student, so much so, she gifted a signed copy of one of her books to our student .

"Talking to her was the highlight of my day, if not my week, and while I am incredibly grateful for the time I got, I felt as though I could sit opposite her in the library for hours." Z Walker

The full interview can be found using the link: