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Business is a broad subject, where the range of topics is designed to give the students an understanding of the various elements of how businesses work, shape and mould our future and the impact that they have on our lives. People who are successful in business not only transform their own lives but the lives of others, James Dyson helped keep our houses clean and Steve Jobs connected us to the world around us through his revolutionary Apple products. 

Students will be with the opportunity to explore real business issues and develop their cultural capital through a contextualised curriculum with an awareness of current affairs, events and issues within the local, national and international business context through the use of case studies, stories and examples. Students will study key contemporary issues such as environmental considerations such as climate change and the impact this has on businesses.

The curriculum map is sequenced so that basic principles are taught and then built upon. Students will be able to identify the similarities and differences between small and large businesses whilst evaluating different business strategies learned on the curriculum, for example evaluating whether an entrepreneur was right to change an ownership of their business from a Sole Trader to a Partnership.

Through the knowledge-rich curriculum, students will be taught a broad range of business theory, models and techniques including business ownership, finance, customer service, marketing, calculations, human resources, business ethics etc. Through an ambitious business curriculum students’ will develop their critical analysis, decision-making and problem-solving skills to independently tackle a business problem using the tools they have been equipped with to make justified informed decisions using qualitative and quantitative data and put forward arguments to persuade others. Students will be required to consider the social, moral and ethical issues surrounding business decisions and the impact that businesses can have on a wide range of stakeholders.

Our vision is to inspire, challenge and engage our students where all students achieve their potential through an inclusive curriculum which will develop their employability skills which prepares them for an ever-changing world. Students are exposed to a range of businesses and job roles in addition to learning about the recruitment process, allowing students to aspire towards gaining positions in organisations that they previously would have had little or no knowledge of. They will have the knowledge to help them set up a business of their own.


Year 10 Business Curriculum 


Year 11 Business Curriculum