GCSE madness

March. Mad March. The month when us yellow ties pick the dreaded GCSE’s (dun dun dunnn).

What if I have no idea what to pick!?!? Lots of you are going to be feeling like this right now, and some of you might be thinking of ways to not do them at all… Let me just clarify that WON’T happen!
We had an assembly about GCSE options, so you should know that we have a small card with not one, but TWO websites for us to use. Make good use of them. They wont give your computer a virus, I promise.

I want to pick a subject but I’m worried about the class/and or teacher, HELP!: Honestly, I would go for it. If you enjoy it and you are good at it- then do it! Nothing that small should stop you from achieving your dream career in the future, and if it does- and you’re still worried, then ask Mr Chopra (Again, he wont give your computer a virus.). I’m sure he will give you some good advice- much better than the advice you are reading right now.

What are the tests like?: Well firstly, they are not to be scared of. If you are scared (there will be some people who are!), then get some old papers and practice! The more practice you get now, the more you will be at ease when GCSE’s actually start! There will be those few who are completely inexperienced and panicked, but that’s simply because they weren’t prepared. I would suggest you don’t be that person.

Those are the most common questions to do with GCSE’s. But if you have more, feel free to pop by the year room (if they are not to busy dealing with bad behaviour) and I’m sure either member of staff there will be happy to help.

Icknield high vs Chalk hills

The match on the 2nd of February was held at Chalk hills academy, The building looks absolutely amazing.  Our team had really good potential and hopes were high we were going to win this. This match was part of a whole bunch of matches for a league, called the Luton league.

The team were really good at warming up, mostly by running around in circles! :-).  During the prep, by kicking footballs everywhere, Malik kicks one a bit too hard and it hits a car right on he centre of the roof. The guy in the car look scary. 8-O. 

Once the match started it was a tense moment, both teams were in the middle of the pitch, once the wind starts blowing, to our goal, we start moving, back. Chalk hill shoot but miss our goal by a finger. They try again and score to the right of our goal. Well that’s 1 to chalk hills. Charlie tries his best to defend our goal and he was pretty good. Malik helps us get near the oppositions goal, by doing one large kick and hoping for the best. Sadly we were pushed back to our goal, where one of the oppositions players kicked for our goal but our goal keeper Saqib saved it. The ball went back and forth for a long time after that. Soon we get a free kick just inside Chalk hills’ half, to which Umar stepped up. With an audacious attempt Umar  shoots and unbelievably he scores… 1-1 is now the score.

The opposition took note and pushed us back again, and we had quite a number of close calls, and they score again. They scored twice in a row, making it 3-1. Skipping a bit as they scored again 3 times. Making it 6 to Chalk hills, 1 to us. After a little ‘motivational’ speech by  Mr. Chopra, our team gets up and starts fighting back hard. With the side switch, the wind was on our side, with hopes we could win. With a little wind help we score a goal.

Our teams hopes get rejuvenated and We get a fresh hope we may win. After that for about 20 minutes nothing happened, that ball stayed in the middle of the field, both sides trying to take control of it. Chalk hills finally take control of it and keep missing our goals, but the shots were really close. They continue to get 2 goals and make it 8-2. After that we take control and head in to take the final goal, making it 8-3.

Overall it was a tough match, we did lose by 5, but we aim to beat the opposition at the next match. Mr Chopra said that the biggest issue on the day was defending corners, so make sure the team are all at training this Thursday for some serious work on corners.

There were stand out performances from a number of the boys including Charlie in the heart of defense, Saqib again not losing a 1-on-1 and Malik who did his best trying to constantly fight for the ball back in the middle of the pitch. But the man of the match was awarded to Azeem by Mr Chopra for an outstanding performance in the middle of defense and working extremely hard all over the pitch for his team.

Safety warning concerning VR

VR (virtual reality) is a great invention, its lets you feel like your part of the action. Some like the one made for the playstaion house really clear OLED displays. A recent study showed that VR goggles release too much blue light (eye damaging light) and with the addition of the screen really close, other eye damaging effects take place. So if you are using or going to use one please make sure to use it less than 1 hour.

The ones who care

There are some things in life that everybody needs to remember. Not everyone is going to like you and this may not be your fault . Most of the time it’s just the way that things are. We all just need to be the best people that we can be and it doesn’t matter if not everyone appreciates that, however there are always those special people that like us for who we are. These are the type of people that we should hold onto for as long as possible.

All of us make mistakes. Big or small, a lot or just a couple. It’s the way that we deal with these mistakes and how other people view us after this is what really matters. The people that really care about you will make you realise that you have done something stupid and they will help you mend your mistakes.

I do understand that what I write isn’t going to interest everyone but I do hope that the people that do read this enjoy it. Everyone may not agree with what I write but that’s ok because everyone have their own views. This blog had a bit of an emotional meaning behind it and I hope that everything that I write does. There are going to be times when you read what I write and you’ll laugh, relate to it or just be interested in it (I hope anyway). Thanks for taking your time time to read this:).


Girls Basketball Blog

A few months ago Miss Cussen and the girls Basketball team, Kaitlin, Sophia, Sabrina, Nida, Mehtaab and the Year 7 Team played a match against Denbigh High School.  The girls were feeling energetic, confident and prepared which definitely paid off.  Showing off their talents and skills the girls (both year 7 and 8) were victorious, beating Denbigh with ease! They celebrated the win with a few short dances and a song on the way back to school.  Miss Cussen did a great job cheering on her team whilst offering good technical advice.

Recently Kaitlin, Malika, Sabrina, Sophia, Ciera, Megan, Nida and Mehtaab attended another tournament playing against the top teams in Luton.  the girls used great teamwork and tried their best but sadly lost all of their matches.  Although they did not win, they had great fun and learnt a few things to work on in the future.  They took a few group photos and headed home with their heads held high.

All in all the girls basketball experience has been good fun, hard work and they have learnt new skills.

By Sophia

Luton Schools Badminton Tournament

Let me tell you how we won our tournament… My name is Zunair. WE only had one training session and a trial before the competition. We never thought we would make the team but finally me, Qasim, Ajwad and Malik made the team. We were very excited but on the other hand we were anxious about losing as we hadn’t had much training. Mr Yirrell helped us a lot throughout training and on the day.

We arrived at the competition to find we would have to play against 5 different schools.

We lost our 1st match. Mr Yirrel observed us and he explained where we went wrong.

Me and Qasim played in our 2nd match and we won.

At this time Putteridge were winning. Putteridge had already played more matches than us.

Qasim played singles and he lost. And we talked to each other and said from now on we will have to win every match. Mr Yirrell tried everything to help us… We started winning matches.

After a teacher came to us and told us we came second. We were so proud of ourselves. We represented icknield high school, our coach, ourselves.

We will now need to put in lots of hard work at training as we have qualified for the county competition.


Internet Safety Assembly

If you would like any more information regarding this mornings assembly, please don’t hesitate to come to the year room and ask.

Useful websites:




For the presentation from this morning please click the following link;

Year 8 Assembly – Internet safety

Football Fixtures

The following fixtures are booked in for the Boys Football Team;

Chalk Hills vs Icknield (A) 3:30 KO – 2nd February

Icknield vs Ashcroft (H) 3:30 – 6th March

Putteridge vs Icknield (H) 3:30 KO – 8th March

Cardinal Newman vs Icknield (A) 3:30 KO – 16th March

Icknield vs Lealands (H) 3:30 KO – 23rd March

Training is on this Thursday, everyone is welcome. You will need your trainers or AstroTurf’s.

A poem for YAR

So where do I start about YAR 

Sometimes they drive me to crying in my car 

However, they are still my favourite class 

Even if sometimes they can be a pain in the…butt.


From Sahil to Ishrat, Ifithar to Noor 

We are all together to the core 

I’m sure they will all be successful 

Even the ones who are deemed stressful


Myself and Judgey have seen you grow 

To wonderful people we are happy to know

May you continue to be the best 

Clearly better than all the rest 


I hope you continue to develop,

Into amazing people that make me well up 

That’s enough from me 

Because I need a pee


Don’t forget Mrs.Hutchinson too

The French lady who carried us through

So now the attention is turned to you

My little minions the time is now!

Photo’s From YAA

IMG 3379 (1) IMG 3793 IMG 4043 IMG 4042 IMG 4041 IMG 3527 IMG 3795

A Little inspiration for YAC

By now I hope that you are developing a sense of identity as YAC.  The formation of your identity is an important part of your education.  YAC is one layer of multiple layers of identity that we acquire and develop at Icknield.  As well as being part of YAC, you are yellow ties.  In addition, you are Icknield students.  Each layer of your identity becomes more apparent to you when you are in the company of students from other tutor groups, other year groups, other schools.  It is to be hoped that your actions and choices, when representing each grouping, would make you and the other members of the group proud.  I certainly hope that when teachers come to speak to me about you as members of YAC, I can continue to be proud of you, as your tutor.  When you wear the uniform of Icknield in public, you are ambassadors for the school.  Wearing the yellow tie makes you ambassadors for Year 8.  Your conduct in lessons makes you an ambassador for your tutor group.  In addition, you are an ambassador for your family.  It is important to consider the implications of our actions for others.

School is about more that learning to answer questions and pass exams.  A good education should equip you with the skills necessary to succeed and thrive long after you leave school.  When Mrs. Illes and I stress the importance of punctuality, organisation, respect and effort, it is because these attributes will serve you well long after you have left Icknield.  Your future employers will expect you to be on time, to complete your tasks, to be able to work well with others and meet customer expectations.  Long after you have forgotten a particular rule of grammar in French or German, when Algebra seems hazy, or when who fought in a particular battle is lost from your memory, the lessons learned in how to treat yourself and others that you acquired in your time at Icknield High School will continue to serve you well, should you choose to learn them well.

I look forward to the rest of our year together and I hope you continue to make progress, in both academic and social terms.  Keep up the good work.

Miss Cussen’s Message for YBE

8YBE have settled in to their second year of Icknield High School life very well. We have matured as a tutor group and are starting to think about our options. We are well aware of how important this time in our lives are and are ensuring we make the right choices in lessons and across the school. With this in mind the number of ‘5’s we have collected have increased and we are trying our hardest not to get any ‘1’s across the whole school. We set ourselves individual targets once a week, something that is achievable each term. 

8YBE have worked extremely hard on form challenges and are determined to become to the best tutor group we can be along with working within the team yellow year group. One of our best achievements was in year 7 winning the charity presentation and donating £270 to our chosen charity; The Brain Tumour charity. The other half of the money went towards our yellow tie prom. 

We hope to achieve many things at Icknield in the next 3 ½ years. 

Check out our mannequin challenge below!

Miss Cussen.