Year 10 Food Bank

Icknield’s Green tie students help tackle food poverty in Luton

Year 10 Food Bank

The green ties have been busy putting together food parcels and making contributions as a tutor group for Luton’s foodbank charity. The donations made will go a long way in supporting local families over the festive period.

The Organisation which is run by volunteers was launched in 2013; providing emergency food supplies to local people in crisis and poverty through donations from the local community.

Research suggests that 1 in 8 of Luton’s children go without at least 1 hot meal a day. Many families have to choose between heating their homes and feeding themselves on a regular basis with 1 in 5 mothers cut back on their own meals in order to feed their children.

In the past 12 months, Luton Foodbank has distributed:

* 2800 adult food parcels

* 750 food parcels for an additional adult

* 2100 children’s food parcels

The Luton Foodbank provides respite by supplying a nutritional non –perishable food parcel with enough food for three days, thus allowing time for people to deal with the cause of their food crisis whilst offering help to resolve problems.


Some Green tie students share their thoughts on the year group task.

“Donations from individuals and organisations are a lifeline generic soma that ensure the Luton Foodbank is there for those in need and that is what Year 10 tutor groups have tried to achieve. Each tutor group has contributed to the Foodbank by collecting food items that can be distributed to those who need it the most”.


“The Year 10s from Icknield High School have come together to produce a collection of amazing food boxes and baskets to give to the Luton Foodbank. 10GBC came up with the idea of a carousel which represented hope and happiness even through your darkest times”.

“All of the tutor groups appreciate how lucky they are to have all the necessities in life and so by contributing to the Foodbank, Year 10 are trying to give something back to the community. Thank you to everyone who contributed and donated”.


“10GBR believed that by contributing to the Luton Foodbank, they can help give something useful back to the local community and help those who need it the most in their time of need.”


With continued support from the local community the foodbank charity aims to raise awareness of those in need to ensure that no one in the town goes hungry.