VAA Exhibition

On Monday 10th July 2017, 17 gifted and talented art students exhibited work they have been producing all year during a weekly after school club run by Mrs Barraclough. The exhibition took place in the Board Room and each student was responsible for her own space, showcasing their individuality and creativity. We had a number of visitors from 3.15 – 5.15pm and lots of positive feedback on the huge efforts they had gone to so big well done to everyone involved.
The Visual Arts Award (VAA) students were originally selected in September from a much larger group, after submitting outstanding work they had produced over the summer holidays. Since then they have worked collaboratively to make artwork showing teamwork skills, run art workshops showing leadership skills and produced personal art projects and sketchbooks showing their talent and individual interests. They will be rewarded for their commitment to this course through certificates based on their performance which will be issued before the end of term.
The VAA students are:
Miriam Adevor
Samayah Hussain
Adil Islam
Trinity Lam
Eleanor Robertson
Eloise Thompson
Chloe Tran
Simrah Yasin
Emily Atwood
Gabija Bernataviciute
Martyna Bernotaite
Akifah Choudhury
Jade Crossfield
Alice Hughes
Shayna Makenji
Jemina Miah
Sidrah Shaheen
Fizah Zahir
 Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition and well done to all the VAA students for all their hard work this year.