Student Voice


Our main purpose is the ENHANCE the quality of life at Icknield High School from a student perspective. Students are given the chance to make a difference through being able to join a range of different teams and initiatives.

Our vision is to provide an inclusive student voice that provides the opportunity for anyone to get involved and help students develop key skills such as confidence, cooperation, communication and decision making.

We want students to be part of a community where their voice is heard and they can help our school be one that they are proud to be part of.

There are 8 teams you can get involved in:


Community Links





Peer Mentoring

School internet and website

To find out further information about each team and what recent events have been going on, go to the student voice blog here.


The head of student voice is senior prefect Parisha Mistry.


Here is a message from Parisha on why and how you can get involved.

Student Voice.  It really is what it says on the tin; a voice for all our students at Icknield.  The chance to have a say, to make a difference but not just in our school and learning environment but also for those who live in our community and help change our everyday lives.  Student Voice acts as the student council or student body of Icknield High School and I am always proud to say that I am the Head of Student Voice.  We aim to empower students with the chance to have their say, to stand out of the crowd and lead Icknield forward from a student perspective, right from the very moment you walk through the Icknield doors.  To be a part of Student Voice means a lot to me, as it has been one way of ensuring that I have made a statement and left my mark at Icknield, having had my opinions heard, my ideas valued and my confidence boosted.  It’s also given me the incredible opportunity to meet lots of other students across the school!

For anyone out there who is debating whether or not to apply for Student Voice, I have two words of advice: Do it!

If you are interested in Student Voice, have any questions or want to grab a form during application windows, pop along to have a chat with me or drop into the PE baseroom and speak to Miss Doyle.

Parisha Mistry

Head of Student Voice 2016/2017