Student Voice supports Keech Hospice in 10k run

The charity student voice team have worked hard all year raising money for local charities. As well as raising money, they have been keen to volunteer their time to support charities. On Sunday 15th May, 9 students from the team gave up their time to help support Keech Hospice with their first ever 10k trail run fundraiser in Putteridge Bury, Luton. The Hospice which provides specialist care for adults and children with life limiting conditions as well as vital support for their families and friends, relies greatly on the generosity of their supporters in order to continue the work they do.

Student Voice

The team helped with refreshments, registration, car parking and medals for the 174 runners who took part in the run around the historic grounds. Members of staff at Keech Hospice have praised those students involved for their impeccable behaviour and on the support they gave throughout the morning. The students have shown great commitment to supporting the Keech Hospice and look forward to working with them again to continue raising money for such a great cause.

Maisha, who took part in the event said; “It was a wonderful experience and very enjoyable. It was great to be able to help such a worthy charity. I would love to do it again”.