Primera Cita – Onnati Theatre Visit

On Friday 22nd January the Onatti Production Team returned to Icknield to perform a Spanish play called ‘Primera Cita’.  Our year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students were invited down to the School Hall to watch the hour long show, which was performed entirely in Spanish. The play which included student participation was modern, inspirational and extremely funny, capturing both the boys and girls attention of all year groups throughout.


The stage was divided into two. On one side was a girl’s bedroom and on the other was a boy’s bedroom. The story was a hilarious observation of two love-struck Spanish teenagers, María and Carlos, getting ready for that most important Primera Cita! (First date)

In both bedrooms there was hysteria, panic, fear and apprehension. María had issues with her make-up, her hair, her clothes and a very untimely spot on her face! While Carlos, in his room, attempted his first ever shave! The enthusiastic audience were invited to help the pair choose what to wear for the date and two students were selected to play the roles of other cinema goers as the couple finally made it to their first date.

The theatre visit was an excellent opportunity for the school to extend and enrich its modern languages programme, benefiting all those students involved. The students were totally immersed in Spanish which enabled them to practice their listening and understanding skills. We hope to invite the popular touring company back again next year with a brand new play.