Student Voice


Student Voice is a community of students that bring the school and students together. It gives us students an opportunity to have a say in the way the school functions. This gives the young minds of Icknield high school a say in how the environment they get an education in can benefit them and the rest of the school. Student Voice is made up of several different factions ranging from community links to eco team and gives the students choice in how they can help the school. Overall it is a good way of helping young people develop into mature young adults.

There are 7 groups in student voice all managing different areas around the school.


The sports group is led by Leah and Jack they are planning to do an Icknield High School Olympics for the KS3 students where they can participate in athletics events they like and represent a country.


The charity group is led by Zara and Anjum, They have raised tons of money for various different charities by doing cake sales and non school uniform days,  the main charity which they raise money for is the Great Ormond Street hospital.


The web group is led by Mehedi. The web group have the privilege of deciding the content of our school website and decide how it looks.

Eco Team

The eco team is led by Megan and Trisha they are currently working towards the Eco schools silver award and have applied for the school energy certificate.

Recently they have also taken part in something called the waste week.

Peer Mentoring

The peer mentoring team is led by Nancy and Fatima they have had great success with their new idea of giving the new year 7’s a buddy which has really helped with their transition from year 6 into year 7.


The staffing group is led by Sophia and Carl. Staffing helps interview teachers that are coming into the school and gives the students a say in the people that are coming to educate them.

What do you like about being a member of student voice?

“The thing that i enjoy most about being a part of student voice is that i get to help make a difference to our school by listening to the needs of my fellow students.

We have regular meetings and group discussions which are great fun! I really take pleasure in putting new ideas forward and listening to the ideas of the other members. I have made a lot of great new friends through student voice.  Also being a member of student voice looks great on a CV!”


“I always wanted to make a difference, but i didn’t know how. Student voice has given me the ability to work with other students who share my passion to work on projects that are completely ours, I’ve also made some awesome friends!”


“I joined student voice to be part of a team, work in a team and listen to what other people have to say. I was always the one talking about sport and how I love it, I decided that I should join the student voice sports team and share my views with others interested in sports. Our team gets along really well, we bring out new ideas that then get developed by our P.E teachers. Over all I joined it to make P.E better at our school, to let other students enjoy it as much as we do. We also do surveys and ask different tutors what their opinion is and what they think we could change. I love being part of student voice.”