Opening of the new Learning Resource Centre

Once upon a time, the site where the new Learning Resource Centre (LRC) now resides used to be a mere library.  It was a place where students would visit every so often and a gathering of books were borrowed from time to time.

Fast forward to September 2015 and it has been completely transformed into a modern, spacious and ultra chic space that will prove beneficial to all at Icknield High School.

It is truly rewarding to walk around the school corridors and hear students of all years, speak about how amazing their new Learning Resource Centre looks. With its snow white walls; sophisticated furniture, large display screen, the clever use of space is apparent.

On 25th of September, the official opening was performed by Kelvin Hopkins MP and Gavin Shuker MP.  Other attendees included many governors, staff and students.  One Governor was surprised by the spaciousness of the centre and the vast improvement it made to the school.Library Opening

Gavin Shuker as an ex Head Boy of Icknield High School said how important this LRC was to all of us and how he wished he had had facilities like this when he was at Icknield.  Kelvin Hopkins ended the opening by reiterating the importance of education and how delighted he was to see such a refined Learning Resource Centre.

A special thanks for everyone who attended this Grand Opening and to all the staff who have worked tirelessly to enable us to have this wonderful resource.

Library OpeningLibrary Opening

Fatima Shaker – Head Girl

Yosron Hassan – Head Boy