Maths ‘Feast’ Challenge

On Thursday 3rd March, four of our top maths students joined the brightest Year 10 mathematicians in Bedfordshire for an afternoon of challenges at Putteridge High School.

The ‘Maths Feast’, a National Competition for Year 10 students, combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills, and offers pupils another way to express and develop their enjoyment of Mathematics. All teams involved were expected to work together to solve new problems.

The event was broken down into several rounds which were themed around a ‘feast’. These included a true or false round in the mathematical ‘entrée’, the ‘main course’ was based on complex numbers, the ‘dessert’ focused on pentominoes, and to finish –‘Petit-fours’, a rapid relay round.

Maths 'feast' Challenge

Rizwana said; “Myself, Kamal, Omar and Ethan, were chosen to take part in a maths challenge at Putteridge High School.  Many schools took part; each group consisting of 4 pupils. I found the whole experience extremely exciting as there was a great deal of competition and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

The event which was organised by the Further Maths Support Programme set challenges that were ‘feast’ themed throughout the session. We were even provided with various snacks and drinks whilst we were working on each challenge which represented a course from a meal. The questions were pretty challenging but I definitely learnt a lot. My favourite round was the Complex Number task as it was new, challenging and something I wouldn’t come across at KS4.

Overall, we felt that this opportunity provided us with a great learning experience which was challenging and exciting. Along with all the other maths events we have attended, this is definitely influencing my decision to take maths further in the future. We give great thanks to Mr Shabir for selecting us to take part”.