Luton Investment Framework 16×16 Launch

On Tuesday 30th January 2018, three of our Icknield High School students were invited to attend the launch of the LIF project. The event led by Luton councillors, educators and employers, delivered talks on the importance of investing in this programme and how our participation will be part of a grand scheme to improve our town’s future.

With £1.3 million invested in the project, the presentation detailed the plan to bridge the gap between education and employment and help prepare students for the workplace. It is hoped that the scheme will lead to a clearer understanding of the world of work, options and routes available, improved employability skills and greater confidence in our young people to achieve their full potential. It is also a fantastic motivation for those who work hard and deserve a recognisable standard that employers understand.

This forms a greater plan to see the town totally transformed, with thousands of new homes built, new schools, a rise in prosperity and a positive change in the wellbeing of our town’s people.

Key employment sectors predicted to expand in the future include, aerospace & aviation, engineering, technology, construction and creative arts & media; it is the intention of this project to support our young people in their transition to the labour market and securing rewarding and fulfilling jobs that will make the difference.

“Icknield High School goes a certain way towards giving students the knowledge that they will need to prosper in society but there are other skills needed to be successful at work. These aren’t so easily taught in a classroom setting and programmes like the 16×16 programme will give them the opportunity to learn through experience. Getting the right set of ’employability skills’ in place really does make a difference, as increasingly employers are looking as much at the person as the certificates they hold. Hopefully this new 16×16 certificate will become one that employers in the Luton area get used to looking for. With the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and experiences in place, young people will be able to impress employers and increase their chances of employability”.— Mr K. Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher & Careers Lead.