Luton Futures Spelling Bee Contest

On the afternoon of October nineteenth, Icknield’s 2014 Spelling Bee Champion Humza, Icknield’s 2015 Spelling Bee Champion Ahmed and Icknield Spelling Bee participant Danielle journeyed to Lea Manor School to compete in a tense Luton Futures Spelling Contest.

Although the students are used to spelling complex words under pressure, the challenge that awaited them in the amphitheatre of the Performing Arts School was unlike any they had faced before.

Spelling Bee

The competition was split into two rounds. In the first, our students had to undergo a 60 second spelling challenge wherein they had to spell as many words correctly as possible. After near flawless performances all three student faced the next round in good stead.

Following a short interlude, the students faced The Final: a knockout round. With the year 8 contestants, Ahmed competed valiantly. Time passed, numbers dwindled and Ahmed finished in Second Place. Next, Humza and Danielle represented the school in the year 9 category. Words were spelt incorrectly, contestants were eliminated, but Humza emerged victorious.

Due to their commendable efforts in both rounds, Ahmed was crowned as the year 8 Champion, and Humza was awarded the silver for year 9.

After an outstanding performance by our students, we look forward to the Luton Futures Schools competition next year!


Miss Smart