Icknield’s Spelling Bee

The English Department implemented the Spelling Bee to combine covering the objectives of the National Literacy Strategy and promoting a love of literacy in students.  

Two weeks before the competition, carefully selected year 7 students were presented with a booklet of 250 words ranging from simple vocabulary like ‘attend’ to the more complex such as ‘xenophobia’ and ‘onomatopoeia’. 

Twenty year 7 students arrived in the hall on Friday 18th March enthusiastic about the task at hand. As Ms Dryden and I wandered about the hall during the practise hour listening to the students, we were impressed to hear the students spelling the more complex vocabulary correctly. They were also writing the words down, sounding them out and repeating them; the range of strategies was notably commemorative and a joy to witness as the students were clearly taking the position of first place seriously. Spelling Bee 2016

Following lunch the competition began; Spelling Bee veterans Noor and Alicia were on hand to announce each word for the respective students and read them an accompanying sentence should they have faltered. In the three categories words are sorted by difficulty.  

Two tense rounds passed with six students battling it out to make the final. Those students were Alisha, Qasim, Adnan, Samayah, Ahmed and Daniel. After a close final, Ahmed was crowned the winner after a near faultless performance and awarded his certificate by Pouria and Amirah. 

We look forward to the annual Spelling Bee again next year! 

Miss Smart