Icknield’s Budding Journalists

On Thursday 16th March, Eleven Year 7 and 8 students took part in the nationwide BBC News Schools Report Day. Students were introduced to the pressures of ‘News Day’ after taking on the roles of newsreaders, reporters, script-writers and camera operators to broadcast important news stories. The news items discussed included; Mental Health issues in schools, the design of the new £1 coin, and matters surrounding sign language.

Year 8 student Ahmed who has taken part in the BBC School Report for two consecutive years said; “Overall the experience was one I’ll never forget. It was fun to speak on camera, and made me more confident. My favourite part was when we found and wrote up our own news, because it made me feel like a journalist. We were also guided well, and in the end, came up with a good end product. I would definitely do it again.”

Teacher of English Miss Saher said; “The students who took part in BBC School Report were a credit to the school. The enthusiasm for writing their own news was infectious and soon everyone had produced some great articles. With very little support from me, they pretty much organised their own pieces entirely amongst themselves. BBC School Report is a fantastic opportunity for students to extend the use of the skills learnt in the classroom, work as a team and improve confidence.”