Icknield High School Sports Ball 2018

The annual PE Sports Ball took place this year on Thursday 3rd May. This fantastic event was a great opportunity for staff and students to get together to celebrate the effort, commitment, and successes of our students. Over 150 students across all 5 year groups attended the event at Venue 360 in Luton. The students at Icknield High School looked extremely smart dressed in their formal wear, and their behaviour was impeccable throughout.

Throughout the evening a number of awards were presented to students; this ranged from individual sports, team sports, GCSE and leadership academy awards. The night gave the opportunity for teachers to express their thanks and appreciation towards the students and how proud we are of them as a school.  The night also consisted of a buffet, giving the students the opportunity to socialise with their peers and staff alike. The night finished with the students enjoying a disco with lots of dancing and laughter, students were also able to take advantage of a photo booth to take lots of fun pictures to be able to remember the night. This night was a huge success the staff and the students had a brilliant time.

This night really emphasised how proud we are of our students at Icknield and the importance of celebrating success. We look forward to organising another great evening next year.