Hedingham Castle

On Wednesday 15th June, seventy six year 7 students visited Hedingham Castle in Essex. The Castle which was built around 1140 by Aubrey de Vere and is still owned by his descendants, is the best preserved Norman Castle in England.

The yellow ties were transported back in time through the wonderful talents of the ‘Hands on the Past’ team where they created an exciting, interactive learning environment which the students thoroughly enjoyed. The students had an opportunity to listen to talks from historian Jane Greatorex and take part in medieval archery with Master Graeme where they were introduced to the fascinating display of armour piercing arrow heads which they could pick up and handle.

Hedingham Castle

Following the trip, Nida said; ‘The trip to Hedingham Castle gave me an experience that was unforgettable. There were lots of different stations. Every fifteen minutes we would go to a different part of the Castle to find out about the lives of the people who worked there. We got the chance to interact with a group of historical interpreters who invited us to hold objects such as swords, shields and spears. It was fantastic, I would recommend it to the future year 7’s’.

Nyma said; ‘When we arrived at the Castle I was very excited as I didn’t know what to expect. We were shown around the grounds and then into different areas of the building. I played the role of a servant and was taught how to serve the King and Queen. We learnt about musical instruments, armour and medicine as well as taking part in fun sport activities outside’.

The trip into the past, provided students and staff with the opportunity to re-enact life from the 12th century with a hands on experience that was unique and memorable.