Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Icknield High School – a message from the Headteacher

When I came here in 2004 what impressed me above all else was the students, mature, confident, polite and bubbling with enthusiasm with a pride and love of the School which I had not seen to the same extent in my previous 20 years of teaching. I thought I would like to work here and it would be a privilege to work alongside such wonderful young people. Over the years some things change and other things remain the same. It is still a privilege to work here but now I don’t just like Icknield, I love it!

The young people are still just as proud to be part of the Icknield family as they ever were, are passionate about the School and are keen and eager to succeed. The world and the future they face is never-endingly challenging but through the dedication of the staff and unswerving support of the parents, they are able to face these challenges with confidence.

This is what Icknield is all about and has been for over 65 years. The School is steeped in tradition from its unique uniform with the Bee, symbolic of Luton, to the values for which the School has stood, stands and will always stand. There is nothing ‘old fashioned’ about courtesy and respect, of behaving well, of treating everybody fairly and equally irrespective of gender, race or religion. These are values not only British in nature but values to which the whole world should subscribe.

Each child who enters the School is unique and will be treated as such during their time here. We want them to be safe and secure and above all, happy throughout their five years with us. Of course, we will push them hard, we will challenge them to achieve their fullest potential and we will support them every step of the way.

Icknield will be here long after I have sailed off into the clear blue yonder but what Icknield stands for will endure and its students will continue to blossom and flourish for years to come.

Our future lies in the hands of the young people of Icknield and I believe it lies in very safe hands indeed!

Chris Dean