German Theatre

On Friday 29th April, the Onatti Production Theatre returned to Icknield to present a play called ‘Zwillinge’ to our German language students. The play which was aimed at Years 7-10, provided students with a valuable opportunity to see the German language being used in a real life situation. The actors used core vocabulary known by our pupils, along with other theatrical techniques, which enabled students to practice their listening skills and their understanding of the subject.

Zwillinge is a play about a young girl called Annika, who has a drama practical coming up and has written a play called “Walls”. She has asked Lukas, a reluctant volunteer from her school drama club, to help her with the performance. Lukas has an identical twin brother called Dominik but Anika does not know this. Dominik is a fantastic actor, who is full of ideas and whenever Lukas is out of the room, he steps in and pretends to be Lukas. Annika is totally unaware that she is actually rehearsing with two different people creating confusion and frustration as one minute Lukas is great and enthusiastic and the next he is disinterested and silly. In the end she decides to perform it on her own- or does she?

Pupils listened attentively to the play and particularly enjoyed the audience participation. We look forward to the inviting the production company back again in the future with another educational but highly entertaining performance.