German Theatre

On Wednesday 8th February, Icknield welcomed back the Onatti Theatre Company for another entertaining performance. The play called ‘Auf dem Campingplatz’ was delivered to 200 students and spoken entirely in German, which allowed students to practice their German listening and understanding skills outside of the classroom.

Students were entertained by a story where two friends (Jurgen and Sonja) go camping: a taxi from the station drops them off at their campsite miles from anywhere. Jurgen is very prepared with all the gear whereas Sonja is struggling to cope with a night in a tent and nowhere to plug in her hairdryer! They soon realise they forgot to bring any food – and with no mobile reception, they face a long, hungry night. Then, the arguments start…

The theatre visit provided students with another superb opportunity to engage with an interactive and comical performance which put their subject knowledge to the test.