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You can never be too prepared for an exam, check out this handy guide of tips and advice to help with your revision!

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Exam Tips and Advice

English Examination advice – Updated March 2016
Tips on Question Five of the English Language GCSE
Tips on Question Six of the English Language GCSE
Word Bank for English
The Five Stage Plan
English Literature Paper Unit 1 Exploring Modern Texts – Updated March 2016
English Literature Past Paper Poetry Questions  – Updated March 2016
Question 4 Advice – April 2016

The Woman in Black


Conflict Poetry

English Literature Revision Pack

An Inspector Calls

Exam Questions
An Inspector Calls Booklet
Selfishness Thematic Question
An Inspector Calls Study Guide

English Literature Exam

Approaching the Literature Exam
Exam Overview

Of Mice and Men

Mind Maps
Revision Guide
Practice Questions
Revision Materials
Revision Sheet

Unseen Poems

Dealing with Unseen Poetry
Unseen Poetry
Unseen Poetry Section B

Unit 1

Reading Exam Questions
Question 1 Techniques
Question 2 Techniques
Question 3 Techniques
Question 4 Techniques
Higher Language Exam Revision

The following resources are available courtesy of Mr D Ingman from TESConnect

Introduction to Non-Fiction
Introduction to Non-Fiction Texts
Introduction to Non-Fiction Lesson Plans

Retrieval Powerpoint
Retrieval Generic Mark Scheme
Retrieval Texts

Presentational Features Powerpoint
Presentational Features Texts
Presentational Features Lesson Plans
Presentational Features Generic Mark Scheme

CS Lewis – A letter to a young fan
Inference Powerpoint
Inference Texts
Inference Lesson Plans
Tense and Exciting Mark Scheme
Thoughts and Feelings Mark Scheme

Comparing Language Powerpoint
Comparing Language Mark Scheme
Comparing Language Lesson Plans

The following resources are available courtesy of Ms S Browett from TESConnect

127 Hours
Amanda Knox
Comparison Q4
Language Q4
Revise Q4
Connotation Dentation Language
Diving Bell Butterfly
Diving Bell Butterfly Q1
Facebook Oversharing
Into The Wild
Kony 2012
Media Effect
Writing Skills
Writing to Argue
Writing to Inform
Unit 1 Q1-3
Y10L1 – Eminem
Y10L1 – ForO
Y10L2 – ForO

Unit 1 Past Papers are available from the AQA Website