GCSE English

English is a core subject, so it is studied by all students from years 7 to 11.

Key Stage 3

English is largely taught in mixed ability groupsbook-92771_640, though special provision is made in smaller groups for those who need extra support. Students are encouraged to develop a love of reading and develop their skills through library visits and the use of the Accelerated Reader programme. Communication skills in both their written and spoken forms are developed through core units and schemes of learning.

Homework: Accelerated Reader encourages pupils to read for 20 minutes a day as research shows that this improves performance in English and in all other subjects too. Once a week, pupils should record what they have read in their reading logs which should then be checked and signed by parents. In addition to this we set homework your-pharmacies.com using www.doddlelearn.co.uk and also set longer term projects from time to time.

Key Stage 4

We currently offer GCSE English, GCSE Language and Literature and an Entry Level Award. Teachers use their expertise and careful assessment of pupils to select the course which best suits the abilities of each individual.

Homework: it is vital that students reinforce class learning with additional research and practice at home. The Government has decided that courses will be linear (i.e. knowledge will be tested at the end of a two year course with final exams). To help students to build on their skills and gain in confidence, we ask parents to support and encourage their children to complete any homework and reading set by teachers and to use www.doddlelearn.co.uk to build and secure skills.

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