Work Experience

Letter to Parents RE: Work Experience Introduction – September 2016

Date of Work Experience: Monday 3rd July– Friday 14th July 2017

An exciting and essential time for Year 10 students, the national Work Experience scheme allow students to gain first-hand experience of working in a professional environment, where they will be given a taste of real-world responsibilities and a chance to develop vital skills, supporting them on their journey to a bright and successful future.

Data Agreement Form

Before students are able to take any action, parents must sign a Data Agreement Form, informing us on any medical requirements their child may have and give them an opportunity to express their concerns. This should be returned to Ms Lam (Work Experience Co-ordinator) as soon as possible.

How can students organise their Work Experience placement?

Student Initiated Placements

Students are encouraged to search and apply for their own placements, whether working for a family business, or with contacts who may offer to accommodate them. They will also be free to approach companies of their own interest, to enquire for work experience positions.

If any of the above should be the case, simply collect a Student Initiated Form for the employer to fill out. Employers must have a valid employer’s liability policy in place. Once completed, the form should be returned to Ms Lam to process.

Develop EBP Webview

Alternatively, students can apply for work experience through Develop EBP Webview, where they must make a total of 10 choices, from a range of occupational fields i.e. Educational and Training, Healthcare, Law, Retail etc. Students can then rank their choices in order of highest priority to least. Once selections are made and submitted, Develop EBP will begin the process of liaising with employers to secure students their highest ranking priority placement. Students are also encouraged to make their selections as soon as possible to ensure they secure their ideal placement. On some occasions, your highest ranking choice may not be available, so prepare to be flexible. Employers also hold the right to withdraw their offer, in this case, Develop EBP will move onto to securing the next priority choice; students may be required to reselect.


Students will be able to track their placement status through a weekly updated spreadsheet in their tutor group, stating one of the following:

  • No Choices – Student has not applied for any Work Experience placements
  • Submitted – Student has submitted their 10 choices or own placement to Develop EBP to process
  • Pending – Develop EBP is currently organising a placement with an employer for the student
  • Fixed/Confirmed – Student has officially secured and booked their placement
  • Reselection – Student will need to make additional choices on Develop EBP as their previous selections are unavailable.


Some employers may request interviews; in this case students will be contacted by the work experience coordinator and will receive a confirmation form, containing details on how to arrange this. Students must personally call and arrange for the interviews. In rare instances, employers may even ask for a letter of request, portfolio or a CV so be prepared!

Confirmation Letter

Once a placement has been confirmed, a confirmation letter will be sent out with official details regarding the work experience, including a full job description and contact numbers for enquires and interview arrangement.

Health & Safety Clothing/ Totectors     

The confirmation letter will also state whether safety clothing are required. Safety boots/Totectors are available to be ordered for £2.00. If the boots are damaged or are returned later than the specified deadline, there will be a charge of £20.00. To ensure of students’ welfare, it is essential that they abide by their employer’s health & safety policy and wear protective clothing.

Please visit Ms Lam if you wish to place an order.

Cancellation Fee

If you wish to cancel a placement which is either pending or fixed/confirmed, a fee of £30 will need to be paid.


Final deadline for Student Initiated Forms & Develop EPB selections is – Thursday 20th October 2016.

It is important for all paperwork to be returned and online selections to be made promptly, as Develop EBP works in conjunction with other schools who may be applying at the same time. Please meet all the deadlines specified by your tutor, to ensure you secure your ideal placement and gain the best work experience possible.

Complaints or Issues during Work Experience

Should the employer contact the school regarding concerns over a student’s behaviour, or if they are sent home during their placement, the school will contact Develop EPB who will proceed to carry out an investigation. Students must then return to school and meet with the Assistant Headteacher, who will then decide what will happen for the rest of their work experience.
Since there is no contractual binding in place between employers and the school, we hold little control if a company wishes to terminate a student’s placement. However, should this be the case, the school can make provisions for them to return and catch up on school work or assist department members.

Should the employer terminate your placement due to no fault of the student (e.g. store closing down due to unforeseen circumstances), the student must return to school where provisions will be made.

If you have any further queries or concerns, feel free to contact Ms Lam on 01582 576561 or by email on


Please find copies below of the Data Agreement Form, Student Initiated Form and a Student Guide.