The Careers Room at Icknield is available to all students. All Year 11 students receive careers advice and guidance either in a one-to-one interview or in 2-hour workshops in small groups with the Careers Adviser. This takes place between September and December in Year 11. There are a number of resources which are helpful in planning for the end of Year 11 including books which can be borrowed and access to interest guides online. The following online resources are available:

KUDOS is an interest guide which is popular from Year 9 upwards but can be used by Year 7s and 8s as well. Parents may also find it helpful in supporting their son/daughter to explore the different routes open to them after leaving Icknield. It enables students to find career ideas linked to their interests and preferences, detailed information about many different careers and how GCSE and A Level subjects can link to different careers. Students are given a Licence Code to access this programme.

LAUNCHPAD is an online Information Advice and Guidance resource that features skills profiling and development, subject choice and careers exploration.  Students are given a Licence Code to access this programme. This programme is especially suitable for Year 7 and 8 students and is helpful in selecting GCSE options.

Useful careers websites:

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service website provides careers advice and information on a wide range of jobs, training course resources and funding. Careers advice

  • Job profiles
  • CV Builder
  • Career tools
  • Courses and Learning
  • Skills health check tools

UCAS – Lots of information to help 16-year-old school leavers and their parents.

Parental Guidance – This site supports parents to gain valuable information about the options available to students post 16.


College Open Days 2017/2018

The start of Year 11 marks a crucial time for students, to be begin careful consideration of what they would like to pursue after they graduate from Icknield High School. Whether it is A Levels, vocational qualifications or apprenticeships; what better way to explore their options than visiting some of the local Post 16 providers.

Colleges are now hosting a series of Open Days, inviting students and parents/carers to see what they have to offer and answer any questions you may have. Please see below for the dates available. Some colleges may require you to book your place to attend, should this be the case, please register on their website.

Click here for a list of local open days.

If students would like to explore apprenticeship options, they can view the resources provided on Show My Homework (SMHW) on the announcement noticeboard. The noticeboard is updated every 2 weeks with new live vacancies available and a PowerPoint on how to apply for such placements; this should also be visible to parents/carers who have access to SMHW.

Students are free to visit Mr K. Ahmed or Ms J. Lam in the Data Office for any questions, they will also be able to research dates of Open Days for colleges not included in the list above.