Visual Art


At Icknield High School our ethos is to provide all studentsArt Department with the opportunities to develop into creative, successful and happy learners. Over the last 16 years we have developed a national reputation as centre of excellence in the arts and creative learning and have been at the cutting edge of many exciting projects, partnerships and productions

We offer a wide range of subjects in the Visual Arts at GCSE level. The Visual Arts Department offer diverse courses in Textiles, Graphic design and Media, Film and Art. At the end of Year 8, all students undertake the Options process, with all students opting to study for one Arts subject as part of their qualifications package. In Year 9 all students lay a firm foundation in their Arts subject by completing an introductory year in their chosen area of study, before moving on to complete their GCSE in Years 10 & 11.

The educational experience at Icknield High School is vastly enriched through the school’s commitment to bringing the Arts into the daily lives of our students. Opportunities include exposure to professional artists, trips and participation in national Arts initiatives. Students extend their learning in the Arts, via participation in a whole host of after school activities ranging from art clubs to Saturday schools, all leading up to the Fash Off!

Art at Key Stage 3

Art at key stage 3 aims to provide students with knowledge, understanding and experience of key visual language principles. Students are encouraged to explore creativity through a series of diverse projects encompassing two and three-dimensional work, experiencing a wide range of artistic media, techniques and processes. Working within the national curriculum framework students develop skills in exploring and creating and understanding and evaluating the work of others and application of skills.

Students are further encouraged to explore and experience art, design and creativity with unique opportunities to work alongside our artist in residence and local, contemporary artists. Students can also access the wider cultural and social aspects of design and creativity through a wide range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits throughout years 7 and 8.

Graphic Design

Art at Key Stage 4 –

Art at key stage 4 provides students with a broad course based on the AQA specification criteria and is designed to encourage students to develop their work in a variety of visual arts disciplines. Students will produce a portfolio of work through years 9 and 10 as well as completing a practical exam project at the end of the course in year 11. Visual language skills are further developed through a focus on painting, sculpture, printing and design, allowing students to develop their own artistic style and areas of interest. Students are encouraged to develop skills applying imagination, conceptual thinking, powers of observation, analytical abilities and practical aptitudes to their work. Students are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding for the application of the wider cultural aspect of art and design; through a diverse range of extracurricular experiences including museum, gallery and overseas excursions.

Creative design at Key Stage 3

During years 7 and 8, students study creative design as part of their art education in addition to their general weekly art lesson. This enables students to gain access to techniques outside of the general art experience, including graphics; illustration, typography, three-dimensional design; and textiles. We believe the opportunity to study more specialised art helps students understand that the diverse nature of the subject and eases the transition between KS3 and 4, when they choose their specialism for GCSE at the end of year 8.