BBC School Report – Come Dine With Me Luton!

Last week some of our BBC News report students took part in their very own Come Dine with me experience with Denbigh High School as part of their preparation for the main report which will take place on the 10th March 2016. The Food dining experience which took place over two afternoons allowed the students from Both Icknield and Denbigh swap their usual school lunch for a meal at the opposite school. The students were then given an opportunity to score their lunch from 1-10, looking at Healthy options, Variety and the overall experience.

School Report

Red Tie; Nazifa took on the role of filming the lunch at Denbigh and shares her experience and her involvement in the project.

“On Wednesday 24th February, I went to Denbigh High School as part of the Come Dine with me experience. Although I didn’t participate in the activity I did get to taste the food before I was given the role of filming. I had never used a camera before but I picked it up fairly quickly and found myself really enjoying it.

We were led to the dining area and shown to our seats in a reserved seating area. We were blown away by the presentation as the table cloths really added a touch of class. We were invited up to the canteen to select our lunch before sitting down to dine with the Denbigh students. Everyone was so friendly which added to the whole experience. We had lots to talk about over lunch, comparing our school day, subjects and facilities. The students from Denbigh were thrilled will the seating arrangements for the task as it meant they got to sit in the Year 11 quarters.

During our lunch experience we had an opportunity to meet Year 11 student Ehsaanul, the young Author of ‘There’s always Hope’, the fictional book is based on his troubled past and the positive way in which he managed to turn things around. His story was really inspiring and we all enjoyed talking to him.

After Lunch I filmed both schools giving their scores. Each school discussed their rating and reasons behind their decision. Our students were very complimentary towards the food and the overall experience at Denbigh which they rated highly. The Denbigh students talked about how lovely it was to have Icknield visit their school and take part in such a fun activity.

The afternoon ended with a guided tour around the school which was Awesome! It was great to see how different other schools in Luton are. I enjoyed it a lot, a special thank you to Denbigh for having us for the afternoon and to Miss Saher for giving me this great opportunity.”


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